Accio Adventure

Photos of my adventures throughout Kentucky and other states. All photos are mine unless stated otherwise.

Pinnacles overlook at Cumberland Gap National Historical Park, KY

Chained Rock trail at Pine Mountain State Park

My lovely mother took the second picture for me, but I didn’t get a good picture of just the chained rock so thought I would share. The rock was chained in 1933 to protect the city of Pineville, KY.

Pine Mountain State Park

Rock Island State Park

2nd hiking trip to Burgess Falls State Park. Still one of my favorite places!

Random photos from Forecastle Festival

Highlights from Forecastle Festival. So much fun!

Against Me! at Forecastle Festival.

Against Me! at Forecastle Festival.

Went on a short birthday hike today at the Alpine Recreation Area.

I don’t think I ever posted an introduction so since I have more followers I’ll do a short one.

Hi! My name is Raeann and I live in a small city in Kentucky. Photography has been a hobby of mine for a long time and about 5 years ago I started hiking. So naturally I combined these two hobbies and started photographing all the different hikes I go on. Right now I mainly hike in Kentucky and Tennessee. In October I’m hoping to do some hiking in Virginia, West Virginia, and North Carolina. Other than nature photos I’ll probably post concert photos and photos of roadside attractions from time to time. Thanks so much for following!

And here’s a not so great photo of me on top of Yahoo Arch near Yahoo Falls in KY.